The quick-witted feminist Adelina and the leader of the LGBTI community, Lendi, fight side by side against patriarchy and for equal rights for all sexes in Kosovo.

They stand on Pristina’s main promenade – in the midst of hundreds of people. Adelina Tërshani, known as a quick-witted feminist, leads the crowd with megaphone and provocative slogans. Lendi Mustafa, leader of the LGBTI community also on site, wears a rainbow-coloured flag as a cape. Together they resist the patriarchy, which is strongly anchored in institutions, society and above all within their own four walls. Their main concern: Equal rights for all sexes in Kosovo. Although both are repeatedly confronted with verbal and physical attacks, she is committed to her activism. The strong relationships with their friends and the community give them strength and hope to continue fighting for their cause in a country that has to re-form between modernism and tradition.