With ÇOHU we have created a piece of activism for the feminist movements and the LGBTQIA+ community, not only for Kosovo, but for people worldwide.

We are Arzije Asani and Céline Stettler, both 24 years old and students at the Zurich University of Arts. As directors, we are working together on the project ÇOHU, which we are realising as part of an interdisciplinary diploma thesis. Our enthusiasm for documentary work on socially relevant topics motivated us to do this project. In summer 2019, we will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Cast Audio-visual Media (Arzije) and a bachelor’s degree in Trends & Identity (Céline). Thanks to this interdisciplinarity, we critically reflect on our decisions and work together with different perspectives, approaches and competencies.

Directed by:
Arzije Asani
Céline Stettler

Camera: Arzije Asani, Céline Stettler
Camera assistant: Valentin Mettler
Camera assistant: Ilir Hasanaj
Camera assistant: Flavia Reinhard
Editor: Arzije Asani
Cinematography: Céline Stettler
Colorist: Robin Angst
Music: Daniel Mistric
Sound Mix & Editing: Daniel Mistric
Re-recording mix: Gregg Skerman
Voices: Fjolla Shaqiri, Dorontina Rifati, Nita Konjuhi
Runner: Batikan Bahceli, Kristian Fankhauser
Subtitles: Mimoza Avdiji, Seide Ramadani
Photography: Alex Kühni, Céline Stettler
Graphic Design: Céline Stettler
Web: Fernando Obieta

Katharina Tietze, Marc Lepetit, Robert Wettstein

Produced by:
Zurich University of the Arts
Katharina Tietze, Head Bachelor Trends & Identity
Nico Lypitkas, Head Bachelor Cast / Audiovisual Media

Co-produced by:
Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen

Supported by:

Special thanks to:
CEL Center for Equality and Liberty
Kosovo’s Women Network
Bilder & Freunde
Nordhang Film